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Plastic Springs

Plastic springs combines the properties of plastics and springs using a variety of materials and ideal for use in applications where non metal parts are needed like medical applications and many others.

Plastic Spring Advantage

Plastic springs are light, rust proof, does not conduct electricity, recyclable, and unaffected by magnets. Using polycarbonate materials, degradation under many environment condition is reduced. It is also resistant to heat, does not easily break, and retains it form.

There are only a handful of springs made from plastic available in the market due to design and manufacturing difficulties but some companies offer custom creation depending on the users preference and usage. Using designs of metal springs to plastic spring is not possible. They may use other materials and polymers to meet the needs of the user.

Helical Compression Springs

Helical compression springs are used in many applications because they are highly useful and simple. They are shaped like a cylinder and are mostly used in medical equipments, fluid control valves, aerospace devices, and other sensitive instrumentation. Many of the product that use helical compression springs are recyclable. To add strength to plastic, glass reinforcements are added. The level of glass reinforcement determines the level of strength of the plastic spring.

Although plastic springs are not as strong as metal springs, these properties allow plastic springs to be used in a variety of applications. The development of new springs made of plastic allows it to be close to metal in strength while still being resistant to corrosion, temperature, magnetic fields, electricity, and maintains being light.